"But they're family."

Have you ever heard the phrase "but they're family" (or some variation of it) in some point in your life?

That phrase irks me.

That phrase pretty much says they can say what they want, treat you like garbage, talk about you like a dog BUT because you share blood, you have to give it a pass.

Naaaaah, sis.

In recent years I've dealt with "family" lying on me, saying disparaging things about myself and my child and who pretty much despise my existence and all I did was be born.

Even after being confronted they still failed to own up to the wrong they had done.

True, they will always be family but I don't have to subject myself to individuals who mean me no good and harbor ill feelings in their heart for me.

You don't have to subject yourself to that either.

We are to love people and forgive them. We don't have to let them mistreat us and do us  any kind of way.

If we can set clear boundaries and stand on them when it comes to other people, keep that same energy when it comes to kinfolk, too. 


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